The internet just got a tiny bit bigger

Finally got around to setting things up on my free .gotgeeks domain.

I have been running a homeserver for a while now, and I’ve been using this domain to host some stuff for myself. But I’ve always wanted to put something publicly facing on here as well, so I decided to take the quick and dirty approach by using WordPress.

My knowledge of WordPress was none existent, so it’s good to have some hands on, since I’m a webdeveloper after all. I have to say that the experience is actually surprisingly possitive. Setup was a breeze and the UI is quite intuitive. Of course I know about the security fails of wordpress in the past, and I’m aware of it’s limitations, to some extent.

After some fiddling, and changing it a bit more to my liking, I feel it’s good enough to launch for now.
I’m not 100% happy yet, when it comes to the design of things, but then again I’m no designer and I don’t pretend to be. I love the frontend development side of things though . Give me a nice design and I can realize it.

What was a bit of a dissapointment so far, is the way certain specifics are treated. It’s possible that I’m missing something here, but just a normal modal/light box for images in posts, seems to be absent by default. Since I like the new FancyBox a lot, I just hacked it into the theme and wrote a tiny bit of custom JS to hook things up. Actually pretty easy to do, and will work with all galleries added to posts. For single images you would still need to add a “data-fancybox” attribute to the link, but personally I can live with that.

var $ = jQuery.noConflict();

    var gallery = 0;
            var title = $.trim($(this).find("figcaption").html());
                "data-fancybox": "gallery" + gallery,
                "title": title

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