I just came across KeeWeb when looking for a good way to access my KeePass DB online.

KeeWeb, like the name suggests, is a web interface for KeePass. It has the ability to get the KeePass db from several different sources, such as dropbox and onedrive. But since I’d rather have it retrieve it from my server, I use the webdav interface provided by nextcloud. KeeWeb even has an app that integrates with NextCloud. When you click a .kdbx file in nextcloud, it will automatically open KeeWeb with the KeePass db selected.

Settings things up was a bit of trial and error. Especially towards the Windows application side of things. I had to add the KeeWeb useragent to a nextcloud file, as described here. After that, just adding the right directives in Apache did the trick.

So now it’s a little easier to get my credentials from KeePass! With all the LastPass’s of this world suffering from security flaws lately, I rather take matters into my own hands 🙂

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