J2ME/MIDP emulation

This post goes way back. Way back to the stone ages, when people still used a Nokia 3310 for their communication needs 🙂

I used to work on J2ME based applications to run on phones we nowadays call “dumb phones”. Back in those days, it was possible to demo these applications in browsers using Java applets and an emulator called MicroEmulator. Sadly – or gladly depending on perspective, in this case we’ll go for sadly – Java Applets aren’t a common element of the web these days.

I still wanted a way to demo these old applications I used to work on, so I was just googling a bit for an alternative. I found one in the form of a program called Jar2Exe. This little tool will convert the provided JAR file to an executable. This executable is actually an emulator, which in turn will run the JAR.

Since MobielOranje is one of the projects running in J2ME and is part of my portfolio on this website, I can now provide a small demo application how it used to look. I also came across a small prototype application I made back then. That prototype was based on Collectorz (a program to organize your media library) and could display the contents of the Collectorz’s databases.

Go have a look by clicking the links in this article or just simply heading over to the portfolio section of this website.

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