Today I finally got HTTP/2 working on this domain!

I’ve tried setting things up before but always ran into some issue which I wasn’t able to figure out. So I thought I’d waited a bit longer. And since it’s still considered as expirimental, I thought I’d just wait for the stable, so the Apache HTTP/2 module would end up in the repositories.
Almost a year later, still no packages for HTTP/2 in the standard repositories, so I figured I’d give it another try. This time I got it to go!

With the help of this great article I got everything running smooth with HTTP/2 on this domain. The main snag I ran into was switching to the PHP7-FPM module. And since I use mod_proxy extensively, I also had to switch to the proxy_fcgi module. After a Apache restart, everything is running awesome and measurably (not so much noticably but who cares) faster!

Just had to copy over some of the php.ini settings (since switching to FPM, another ini is loaded) and off we go! Enjoy a quicker surf through this website 🙂

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