AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages 

As a frontend developer, website render speeds are my holy grail. Metrics that I love to see go down when I’m working on a project.

Google’s AMP has been around for a while now, but lately I’ve seen more and more of these lightweight mobile sites. Probably since Google starts pushing them from the SERP more heavily. Or maybe because the bigger players needed some time to implement.

I didn’t have any experience yet working with AMP, so I dug into it a little bit on my spare time. Of course this website is a nice little playground to experiment with new stuff like this. So now is also available as an AMP. You can check it out by appending ?wpamp at the end of any URL on this site. Or by trying to find it on Google. But since Google doesn’t deem my site that valuable yet, you’d have to dig a little deeper (currently googling my name will have it end up on page 4 or 5 depending on location etc).

JosNienhuis.GotGeeks AMP SERP example

I know AMP received some flak lately, such as this. I personally haven’t taken a stance on either sides of the argument yet. However, at least having some experience with it, can make me come to a stance on the subject for myself.


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