Welcome to my little place on the web!

Since I’m running my own server, I thought it was time to put something on the root of this domain. So here we go!

I know, just a quick and dirty WordPress website ūüôā Too many projects I’m already involved in, and too little time to create a whole new custom website from scratch. So¬†please¬†don’t hold that against me ūüôā

This server takes a nap everyday from 00:00 to 08:00, don’t try to wake me up during the night.
Sometimes I’m sick as well, which can mean a bit of downtime. 99% uptime is just plain slavery!

    Latest posts

  • OpenVPN on your DD-WRT router May 26, 2017 - Since I’ve been struggling a bit setting up OpenVPN on my¬†router (Netgear¬†r3700) with DD-WRT, I thought I’d write up a small post explaining how I got things done. When it comes to DD-WRT and OpenVPN, there’s some information out there that might be¬†a bit outdated and incorrect for the latest builds of DD-WRT. I’m currently […]
  • KeeWeb April 18, 2017 - I just came across KeeWeb when looking for a good way to access my KeePass DB online. KeeWeb, like the name suggests, is a web interface for KeePass. It has the ability to get the KeePass db from several different sources, such as dropbox and onedrive. But since I’d rather have it retrieve it from […]
  • Chell PHP Portal now also with 2 factor auth! April 2, 2017 - Running into Duo 2 factor authentication service yesterday, I immediately wanted to implement it into one of my own projects; Chell PHP Portal. I just checked in a commit where 2 factor seems to be working pretty smoothely within Chell. The biggest hurdle was figuring out how PhalconPHP¬†would have to load this class. Since Phalcon’s […]
  • 2 factor authentication April 1, 2017 - I was looking around in the Guacamole manual pages for a bit, and found that it actually supports 2 factor authentication. So I thought why not give that a shot to setup. Pretty painless experience, except that some Javascript cache was still present and made it not work at first ¬†(remember to CTRL+F5)¬†ūüôā Took me […]
  • Hyper-V Admin update March 31, 2017 - Just had the chance to update my Hyper-V / IIS site management tool a bit! Just a whole bunch of smaller changes such as; Moved from glyphicons to fontawesome. Added the ability in web.config to turn off Hyper-V listings. Fixed some minor layout problems. Setup the project to compile SASS with WebEssentials. Disabling some Bootstrap […]
  • The internet just got a tiny bit bigger March 19, 2017 - Finally got around to setting things up on my free .gotgeeks domain. I have been¬†running a homeserver for a while now, and I’ve been using this domain to host some stuff for myself. But I’ve always wanted to put something publicly facing on here as well, so I decided to take the quick and dirty […]